Lynnie G Designs Handbags and Glass Flowers now online!

I’m happy to say our one-of-a-kind handbags and vintage glass flower garden stakes are now available for viewing and purchasing online.

Visit our Handbags Page Here. Custom Orders are available.

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Visit our Glass Flowers Page Here.

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Lynnie G Designs at the MACC Expo!


Greetings from the MACC Expo in Uxbridge MA! Lynnie G Designs is attending its first craft fair selling one-of-a-kind purses and unique repurposed glass garden stakes! Later on we will have images and pricing information directly at


My Black Friday Splurge


I have mixed feelings about Black Friday. The shopaholic in me gets giddy with excitement thinking about all the deals and bargains stores promise to lure you in. The logical side of me thinks, “why would I wait in lines full of crazy people just to get something I don’t really need and am only considering getting because it’s cheaper than normal“. So I usually skip the mayhem of the day and convince myself I should just go to work for the day (since my office doesn’t give us the day off, boo) and ignore the urge to splurge.

The problem with this year is, I’ve got the itch to buy things! It’s not good, I don’t exactly have money to spend but I mean, I deserve to indulge myself every now and then right? RIGHT?! I mean, don’t we all??? So, while I’m sitting at my desk trying to work, my gmail account is spewing out Black Friday sale emails for online deals like rapid fire. And behold, Madewell has 25% off everything today! AND free shipping! and the thing is… they have these boots I’ve wanted for the past 2 months… 25% off! So… yea, I splurged. They are still overpriced but gosh are they beautiful. And totally practical too… I mean, a pull on, low healed, black boot. Everyone should have a pair of those in their closet right?  :)

The Chelsea Boot,

Thankful for Winter Fruit Salad


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and in celebration I made one of my favorite recipes,Winter Fruit Salad. Originally ripped out of an old Elle Magazine article on chef Tamasin Day Lewis (yes, Mr. Lincoln’s sister) from about 2 years ago this recipe is 1. gorgeous, and 2. delicious.

Be warned: the prep for this dish gets messy, as in your kitchen will look like a crime scene from the sticky orange juice on dripping onto your kitchen floor and pomegranate juice splattered across your cabinets. BUT, it’s worth it!


  • 4 Oranges (3 peeled and sliced, 1 with the juice squeezed into a medium saucepan)
  • 2 Pink Grapefruits (1 peeled and sliced, 1 with the juice squeezed into a medium saucepan)
  • 1 Pomegranate (whole if you want a challenge, or pre-de-seeded to save about 15 minutes prep)
  • 1/2 cup pistachios (lightly chopped)
  • 12-15 Medjool Dates (de-seeded and chopped… be warned, this gets sticky)
  • 2 Tablespoons Sugar
  • 6 Bay Leaves

1. As you are slicing up the oranges and grapefruits, save as much escaped juice as possible and add to the pan with the other juice from the squeezed orange and grapefruit.


2. Add sliced dates and half the pomegranate seeds to a serving bowl with the sliced oranges and grapefruits.

3. In the saucepan with the fruit juice, add the remaining half of the pomegranate seeds, the sugar, and bay leaves and heat until the mixture becomes a syrup (approx. 15-20 min)

4. Take a minute to breath deeply as your entire house smells like Christmas and a Yankee Candle Factory!

5. Turn off the heat on the stove and add pistachios to the syrup, then pour over the fruit salad.

6. toss the salad gently, and then chill in the fridge until serving!


Ghouls, Ghosts, and Pumpkins


Halloween on Beacon Hill was a ghoulishly wicked time. All the homeowners decorated their houses to the nines while parents, teenagers, children, babies, and dogs dressed up in costumes ranging from the beyond adorable to the sinister and scary. Jack Skeleton would have felt right at home.

Even Zola felt festive… briefly, until she started literally eating her costume in an attempt to remove it… whatta bitch ;)

Hurricane Sandy Survival Guide

my Zola approved martini: 2 parts Bombay Sapphire, 1/2 part Dry Vermouth, shaken over ice with 3 sun dried tomato stuff olives.

The rain just started here in Boston and it’s time for everyone to get inside and get cozy because it’s going to be a looooong night from what I hear. As for me, I spent the morning working remotely (yuck) but now that the rain is here it’s my cue to get into  survival mode and get out the Hurricane Sandy storm survival supplies. :)

I hope you all take my advice and pour yourself a nice drink, put on some comfy socks and sweats, and snuggle up with someone, which in  my case as a single lady in the City is Zola & Ice T :D

  • My drink of choice:
  • 2 parts Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • 1/2 part Dry Vermouth
  • Shaken over ice
  • 3 sun dried tomato stuffed olives
  • Cheers

What are your plans for waiting out the storm?

My Hurricane Sandy survival shelf :)

my Zola approved martini: 2 parts Bombay Sapphire, 1/2 part Dry Vermouth, shaken over ice with 3 sun dried tomato stuff olives.

warm socks, fuzzy pants, Ice-T cutout from my Halloween Costume, and zola= Snuggle time!!

Pre-Sandy Sunday


This cloudy Sunday afternoon on the verge of Hurricane Sandy is the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book and a perfect cup of tea.  Today it’s especially enjoyable since I am still recovering from a weekend of Halloween festivities. Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and happy tea time!


Consignment Store Find: Oct. 23rd Edition


My good friend is moving to NYC and was in need of a work wardrobe update (which I was more than happy to help her with)! We went to Second Time Around, one of the best mid-range consignment stores in the city and which I do not visit often enough since my wallet wouldn’t be able to handle it. I fell in love with this navy blue/gold chain wrap bracelet for $34.

Seriously, it’s meow meow meow, purr purr purr-fect. I went all Rachel Zoe when I saw it– gaping mouth, eyes bulging, DIE!