Royal Wedding Recap


Last night I was taken aback by how many of my friends angrily posted how disgusted they were by the Royal Wedding being broadcast live. I don’t quite understand where they are coming from… I mean, it was on at 5am our time… you definitely weren’t FORCED to watch it, in fact most people in the US slept right on through it, so it did not affect their normal Friday schedules at all! Plus, how is it really that offensive? When it comes down to it, the event celebrated two people who appear to love each other getting married. If you watched it you were able to see lots of pretty hats, pretty dresses, and cute princes. I mean, I can think of worse things to be broadcasted on the TV, like say… the daily news showing people being murdered, or MTV’s Real World Las Vegas 2…

Anyways, just for the record, I did in fact get up at 4:40am to watch the event in bed. I didn’t see anything anti-feminist, or anti-patriotic about it. Quite the reverse actually. Listening to the broadcasters commentary I was surprised how many royal “traditions” Kate and William broke for their wedding. The couple was able to please the traditionalists in the crowd while maintaining a uniqueness and modernity that says a lot about the changing times. I also admire their sense of tradition and propriety that is a fading virtue in today’s society. This event also united an entire country +. Hundreds of thousands of citizens were watching the event, and while everyone was arriving to Westminster Abbey I’ll admit in my head I kept thinking, “well this is a terrorists fantasy,” everything went smooth as can be. Citizens together, rejoicing, celebrating… I actually found it inspiring that such a simple event as a wedding could have such a positive effect on the lives of so many.

OK, now that my rant is over… I learned quite a few interesting facts while dozing in and out for 5 hours watching the event that perhaps you haters might be interested in…

  • The Prince did not get a wedding ring, instead Kate told him that he would have to wear the watch his mother (Princess Diana) gave him everyday and could never take it off and that would be the symbol of their unity.
  • Kate Middleton’s ring was made of Welsh Gold, which is very scarce and the piece of gold was given to William by his Grandmother to be melted down for the ring.
  • William demanded his brother Harry be his “Best Man” even though in former Royal Weddings, there was not a Best man but a “Supporter”
  • The current Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, wife (Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield) caused a huge stir for not wearing a hat (which adorned I’d say approximately 75% of the women guests). Instead she rocked three jewel encrusted barretts, which personally I thought were stunning.
  • The King of Tonga was there… I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never heard of Tonga before! Turns out it’s a Kingdom in the South Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Hawaii!
  • Kate Middleton will be the first Queen with a University Education (You go girl!)
  • Kate Middleton is also the first future Queen to have lived in sin with her husband prior to being married
  • Kate Middleton also demanded that she do her own makeup for the wedding.
  • Kate Middleton ALSO has a FEMALE bodyguard.. ok seriously… how is this all an example of anti-feminism?
  • Queen Elizabeth has 19 Rolls Royce’s, Kate Middleton was driven to Westminster Abbey in the oldest one from 1950.
  • Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen designed Kate Middleton’s drop dead gorgeous dress that gave a nod to Princess Grace Kelly’s wedding gown of 1956.
  • HATS, the Brits LOVE HATS
  • And last but not least, when you throw hundreds of stodgy old aristocrats in one room together, it can’t NOT make you giggle… they are funny.

And now on to fashion… 1. Kate Middleton’s dress was stunning. 2. Prince Harry is and will always be hotter than Prince William. 3. I need to go buy a hat, or several hats… Here’s a few images from the event, enjoy!

The Downfalls of Ridiculously Delicious Pastries!


Alright folks… after eating approximately 10 pastries from Flour Bakery yesterday I am giving up carbs for a week. Last night I had crazy nightmares and woke up in a sweat and with a belly proportional to a Buddha figurine. I put on a cute “flowy” dress this morning only to realize I would be getting “oh how far along are you?!” comments all day. I ended up changing into the baggiest shirt I own, and somehow managed to get a pair of skinny jeans on (that now look like jeggings because they are so tight). Now I know for those of you who know me, you’re thinking “ya OK, suuuuurrre Sara”, but it’s gonna happen. I know I REALLY like carbs, and this means I won’t be doing any baking this week but this needs to be done. I will document how I’m feeling each day sans bread… I’m figuring it will go something like “OMFG I HATE LIFE” to “I HATE YOU ALL” to “woops I just ate an entire french baguette….” Wish me luck! I’ll need it…

Oh and if you haven’t been to Flour Bakery, it’s amazingly delicious and many people will argue it’s got the best pastries in Boston. Go check them out at one of there 3 locations, or if you’re like me… find a friend who brings in 3 BOXES FULL TO THE BRIM of assorted pastries and places them right next to your desk at work!

Check out their menu here:
and if you still aren’t convinced you should go and try one of their tasty treats (though just one at a time, since I’ve heard moderation is key…) here are a few more incentives to make a visit…

THIS IS FLOUR BAKERY from Rick Macomber on Vimeo.

View Flour Bakery in a larger map

Countdown to the Royal Wedding!

Royal Wedding Photo

In case you don’t watch any TV/listen to any news, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married THIS FRIDAY 4/29! Now, I was trying to avoid getting obsessed with all the media frenzy but I’ve been sick this week and that means I watch more TV than usual and turns out BBC America is airing only wedding themed shows up until the big day (for a full schedule to indulge in click here-! So when I flipped on BBC hoping for Dr. Who or some classic Star Trek TNG I instead got, “William & Kate, a Fairytale Romance“. The 90 minute special told the story of how William and Kate met… and did you know he waited 10 years before proposing to her! I would have freaked… anyways obviously I was sucked in and couldn’t sleep until it was over. So… if you are planning on getting up at 3am on Friday morning to watch the wedding here is the OFFICIAL Wedding Day Itinerary so you can plan minute by minute what you are going to see!

Just remember 8:15am London time = 3:15am Boston time.

8:15 – 9:45 a.m.: Guests arrive at Westminister Abbey
9:50 a.m.: Governors, General and Prime Ministers of Realm Countries, the Diplomatic Corps and other distinguished guests arrive at the Abbey (No idea who these people are, don’t really care… will be sleeping through this part)
10:10 a.m.: Prince William, 28, and his Man of Honor Prince Harry, 26, leave Clarence House; they arrive at the Abbey at 10:15 a.m. (Prince Harry is sexxxxyyy, Already set my alarm for 4:15am)
10:20 a.m.: Members of foreign royal families arrive at Westminister Abbey
10:20 a.m.: Middleton’s mother, Carole, and brother, James, leave the Goring hotel; they arrive at the Abbey at 10:27 a.m. As first reported by Us Weekly last fall, Middleton, 29, will spend the night before her wedding with her family at the Goring Hotel.
10:25 a.m.: Members of the royal family (except those listed below) leave Buckingham Palace for Westminister Abbey
10:35 a.m.: The Princess Royal and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, The Duke of York, Princess Eugenie of York, Princess Beatrice of York, and The Earl and Countess of Wessex leave Buckingham Palace for the Abbey (no idea who any of these people are!! They only get 3 minutes to arrive though, so I will probably watch just to see if something bad happens if they run over 3 minutes, I’m guessing the Queen will come out and just scowl at them until they blow up or breakdown crying)
10:38 a.m.: Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall leave Clarence House for the Abbey
10:40 a.m.: Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh leave Buckingham Palace for the Abbey
10:48 a.m.: The Bridesmaids and Pages leave the Goring Hotel for Westminister Abbey
10:51 a.m.: Future Princess Kate Middleton and father Michael leave the Goring hotel for the Abbey
11:00 a.m.: The Marriage Service begins! (5am Boston time… if you don’t watch anything else, you should watch this and the carriage procession!)
12:15 p.m.: The Carriage Procession of Prince William and Middleton, followed by The Queen’s Procession, leaves the Abbey and heads to Buckingham Palace
12:30 p.m.: The Bride’s Carriage Procession arrives at Buckingham Palace
12:40 p.m: Members of the Royal Family and Members of Foreign Royal Families arrive at Buckingham Palace
12:40 p.m. onward: Other guests arrive for the reception at Buckingham Palace
1:25 p.m.: Queen Elizabeth, Middleton and Prince William–along with their families–appear on the balcony (Get your cameras and a box of tissues ready)
1:30 p.m.: The Royal Air Force flies by (If your man is making fun of you for wasting your entire morning watching this, force him to watch this part and at least you’ll probably get a ”oh cool” out of him to shut him up for a few minutes)

OMG OK so after you have spent 3am-930am watching the Royal Wedding and you are officially sleep deprived it is the perfect time to log on to and get yourself some memorabilia so you can always remember the day you were late to work because your childhood crush that you really never ever stood a chance with and who you never actually met got hitched!

The Original Tremont Tea Room


Bored of going to see another crappy movie on the weekends? Looking to get outside your comfort zone a little bit? Want to prove you’re right that psychics are a bunch of phonies or surprise yourself at how you’re a converted believer? Well this spring, grab some friends and head over to the Original Tremont Tearoom and see just what your future holds!

So back in March I got a Living Social email containing a coupon for a 30 minute psychic reading at the Original Tremont Tearoom. I admit I’ve always been a believer in the supernatural/astrology/everything in between so it wasn’t a difficult sell for me. I purchased my 50% off, convinced my friend to come along with me and off we went this past rainy Saturday to see what our futures held.

Located right near the Park Street T Stop we made our way up to the 6th floor of 101 Tremont Street, a gorgeous downtown office building, and followed the only voices we heard to the end of a long hallway to a very small, crowded darkened room smelling of incense. A friendly woman greeted us (I’m assuming the owner?) and asked us to wait in the hallway for a minute. After about 5 minutes (in which I made a concerted effort to not talk about too much with my friend in case they were secretly listening in) I was led into the darkened room and introduced to my psychic, Chinoa, a Cherokee Indian Medicine Woman who reads old style using playing cards instead of tarot cards.

Out of three decks of worn out playing cards I was asked to chose one, shuffle and put my thoughts into the cards as I shuffled. Chinoa, was lighthearted and friendly, asking me questions and then calling me “sassy” when I refused to answer or say anything in response except smiling (but I wanted to be as aloof as possible. I mean come on, I had to make sure she wasn’t just playing off what I told her!). Dividing the shuffled deck into 3 piles I selected the first pile to have her read…

Now, I won’t tell you what she told me in the reading, but let’s just say in the first 5 cards she laid out, she told me all the major events that have happened to me in the past few months! Though I didn’t tell her that she was right or wrong, I’m pretty sure my gaped open mouth was a sign that I was totally stunned by her accuracy! Some would argue that psychics are just good at reading people, and that they can say a lot of general things that would apply to everyone but this woman was SPECIFIC AND DETAILED. She talked about my past, my present, and my future. Giving me a paper and pen to write down anything I found particularly poignant, I was a maniac writing throughout the whole appointment. At one point she even yelled at me, telling me I was too focused on writing that she couldn’t read my energy and I had to put the pen down.

At the end she told me to write up all the things she said about my future and hide it away for a year and check back on it to see if anything she said had come to fruition. Then she asked if I had any questions and it was then that I told her that she was dead on and made me a true believer! On a sadder note, while I was completely in awe of Chinoa, my poor friend had a less exciting experience with the psychic she met with. So of course not everyone who claims to be clairvoyant really is… however, Chinoa… you no doubt have a talent!

Either way, my friend and I both agreed that it was well worth the money and a fun “out of the ordinary” way to spend a Saturday! I would 100% recommend everyone going, even if you think your psychic is totally off, the experience itself is enjoyable and it’s great to go with friends and compare stories afterwards. If you do go, I would request Chinoa, because she said things so matter of factly, and there were no generalizations, just specific people, events, and places.

30 minute reading = $55 (Mine was $25 with the Living Social Coupon)
Special deals:
Monday’s are $10 off, and Thursdays offer a 20 minute reading for $20.
The Original Tremont Tearoom
101 Tremont Street
Suite 609, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 11am – 8pm
Saturday – 11am – 7pm
Sunday – 12pm – 6pm

We are The Original Tremont Tearoom, the world’s oldest and most reputable psychic institution, serving Boston and the universe since 1936. Since our humble beginnings during the Great Depression, the Tremont Tearoom has offered spiritual guidance to people from all walks of life by doing what we do best: psychic readings. Our staff is well-versed in many divination techniques. Your choices include tarot cards, tealeaves, palmistry, mediumship etc. The Tremont Tearoom has become a tradition for generations; many clients tell us stories of how they had come for readings long ago with their mothers and grandmothers, making the Tremont Tearoom an institution in Downtown Crossing.

View The Original Tremont Tearoom in a larger map

Post-Sunday Morning Reading

Awkward Family Photos

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and as I was busy with family festivities I’m catching up on my weekend reading today instead… Enjoy!

  • In Honor of Easter: Awkward Family Photos :) My personal favorite is #7… Jaundice Bunny hahahha 
  • The Color Collective is now one of my favorite websites to check on a regular basis. This website pulls color palettes from fashion images, nature, art and everything in between. A great site for designers/those who enjoy color theory. They also have a feature in Lucky magazine where they pull a color palette from a work of art and create an outfit based on the color palette… genius!!!
  • did a feature on DIY fashion websites. So if you want to freshen up an old clutch, learn how to make your own skirt, or create your own jewelry out of everyday items check out DIY Fashion blogs encourage personal style.
  • Great Art Movements That Inspired Modern Web Designers: A look at how artists of the 20th century have inspired web designers of today.
  • Austrian Museum to Return Nazi-stolen Klimt: Hooray! Gustav Klimt’s 1915 painting ‘Litzlberg am Attersee’ is finally being returned to its rightful owner.
  • Charlie the Unicorn Art Car Being Built for Burning Man 2011: What is Burning Man? It’s an annual art event where tens of thousands of participants gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having left no trace whatsoever. This years event themed: Rites of Passage, is to be held on August 29th – September 5th. Check out the original Charlie the Unicorn video below in case you live under a rock and haven’t yet seen this amazing video that shaped my college years.
  • AND just because Goldfinger was on TV this weekend and it is in fact the best James Bond movie ever here is a video of Odd Job in a commercial for Vick’s Vapor Rub :)

Awkward Family PhotosThe Color CollectiveDIY Fashion Blogs

 Great Art Movements that Inspired Web DesignAustrian Museum to Return Nazi-stolen Klimt

Charlie the Unicorn Art Car

Happy Easter!

Easter Brunch

This year we celebrated Easter with a homemade brunch. Delicious food, an egg hunt, and quality family time… what could be better? The floral tablecloth was only $6 from Christmas Tree Shop, the green dinner plates were 4 for $5 at Homegoods and the floral pitcher was only $8 at Homegoods. We tried entirely new recipes for the food, my personal favorite being the Scrambled egg casserole that produced the creamiest, fluffiest eggs ever! Happy Easter everyone!

Easter Brunch

Ricotta Asparagus Quiche

Zucchini Tarragon Latkes

Cheesecake Berry Crumble Muffins

Corn, Black Bean, Tomato, avocado Salad

Scrambled Egg casserole

Orange Juice and Ginger ale Cocktail

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of celebrating the place that we all live here is just a sampling of some of the great earth-friendly clothing lines out there and some animal friendly Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes! ALSO, check out today. Their Google Logo today is adorable and you can run your mouse over the animals and they move!!

As always discovered a whole slew of earth-friendly attire, even found some great/moderately priced earth friendly finds.  

Alex and Ani Green with Envy Romance Cocktail Ring


 Alex and Ani Green with Envy Romance Cocktail Ring
Why is it eco-friendly?
The band is made entirely out of recycled metal!

People Tree School of Fair Trade By Emma Watson Handwoven Dots Dress

People Tree School of Fair Trade By Emma Watson Handwoven Dots Dress
Why is it eco-friendly?
This dress is made out of 100% Organic Cotton

Wanted Myrtle Beige Specatator Lace Up Oxford Flasts


Wanted Myrtle Beige Specatator Lace Up Oxford Flats
Why are the eco-friendly?
They are entirely vegan! I find it particularly challenging to find cute, closed-toed vegan shoes, but this oxford is perfect for spring!


Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes: Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes:
1 1/2 cups cake flour (not self-rising), sifted (usually I would just use what’s in my cabinet, but I went and bought cake flour because otherwise they wouldn’t be vegan! Regular flour contains yeast, a unicellular organism which means it’s not vegan)
1/4 cup granulated sugar (totally accidently added 3/4 cups)
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, plus more for dusting
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar
1 tespoon pure vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups water
confectioners sugar, for dusting

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a standard muffin tin with paper liners. Sift together cake flour, granulated sugar, cocoa, baking soda, and salt.
2. With an electric mixer on medium-high speed, mix together oil, vinegar, vanilla, and the water until well combined. Add flour mixture and mix until smoooth, scraping down sides of bowl as needed (batter will be very thin).
3. Divide batter evenly among lined cups, filling each three-quarters full. Bake, rotating tin halfway through, until a cake tester inserted into centers comes out clean, 20 to 25 minutes (mine took 20 minutes). Turn out cupcakes onto a wire rack and let cool completely. (I didn’t have a wire rack so I just put them out onto some wax paper) (Occasionally I have strokes of genius…realizing the batter was very liquid I poured it into a measuring cup so it was easy to pour into the cupcake liners without causing a huge mess)
4. Dust cupcakes with cocoa and confections’s sugar just before serving.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
# of cupcakes made: 11 1/2 (the final cupcake only got filled up half way)
Flavor: subtle flavors, not too salty, not too chocolately. The oil keeps the cupcake nice and moist. The added powdered sugar and cocoa sprinkled on top for garnesh is definitely needed to complete the cupcake deliciousness.
Verdict: I’m usually pleasantly surprised by vegan deserts but these didn’t blow me away. They are beautful though, which I think Martha Stewart is really great at… taste could have been a little richer on the chocolate front (I’m sure the extra sugar I stupidly added affected overall taste as well, woops!).

Fashion Steals and Deals!

Evita Embellished Dress

The Holiday weekend is coming up, which if you’re lucky, might involve some extra change in your pockets from your loving relatives, what better to do with your extra funds than prepping for spring with a little online shopping! Here are some great sale items on some of my favorite websites.

There are also some great in-store sales happening this weekend… Head over to Old Navy for their $6 in store event and if you live near a fashion outlet (Wrentham Village Premium Outlets is only about 40 minutes away from Boston!) then go to one of my FAVORITE stores for great bargains,  Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th and enjoy an additional 20%-50% off your purchases!

Click on the images below for more information. Direct links to the websites here:
Draped Collar Tunic
Clearing Mist Top
Crowd Favorite Slingback
Sparkle & Fade Printed Sweater Dress

Urban Renewal Vintage Metal Tassel Necklace
Curlicue necklace
Evita Embellished Dress
Whip-snake Waist Belt in Georgia Peach
Sparkle & Fade Printed Zip Back Strapless Top
Johnny Was Collection Floral Print Silk Tunic


Countdown to the Apocolypse

Gary Busey

2011 starts off with birds dropping out of the sky, crazy people are running around museums vandalizing works of art (first Gaugin and now Andres Serrano!) and now this… good luck to us all.


Now if you just broke out into a panic that time is running out I apologize and offer you cute cat video’s/pictures in consolation.

Pictures of cats winning, click on the image below to see EVEN MORE cats winning :p (c)

Coachella Fashion Review


The Coachella Festival was this weekend and celebrities and fans alike came together to take in the great bands that played this year. I’m not gonna lie, I spent most of my weekend watching the festival on YouTube. Concerts aren’t my favorite but had 3 channels set up so you could watch all your favorites in the comfort of your own home!

As for fashion, celebrities and concert goers alike were rocking the popular indie fashion trends of this spring. High rise short denim shorts, flowy 70′s inspired lightweight dresses, and Ray Ban sunglasses… oh man, so many ray bans from Wayfarers to Aviators to Clubmasters like singer Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast was rocking! I struggle when celebrities try to wear these looks because it’s just so obvious they are trying too hard to look like they are going to Woodstock and they are just naturally frugal, for example, Katie Perry’s beige lace dress (which to be fair is gorgeous) is actually $745 from D&G so there’s nothing cheap or free spirited about it. You’re going to be spending the day dancing in mud and baking in the hot sun… do you really need to be wearing the most expensive designer clothing you can find? Anyways, overall the celebrities were lack luster, the only stand out celebrity was Dita Von Teese, who wore vintage inspired dresses throughout the festival including a Christian Dior Hawaiian 40′s style romper. She didn’t try to pretend to be someone else, so she’s my overall favorite fashion maven of the weekend! If you do however want to pull of the boho hippy “sheek” look (though really, it’s not a good look) take a cue from Diane Kreuger and opt for simple basics that you could wear going to a concert, but also out on the town or to work. If you live near a thrift store, I would recommend raiding the racks for real unique and affordable finds, but if you are looking to save time head on over to your nearest Target and buy the look as seen  below:


Here is a photo gallery of the best images from the 3-day festival including the kick ass public art and lighting installations exhibited throughout the festival created by Intel’s Visual Life and Creators Project (They are also responsible for the amazing balloon light show during ArcadeFire’s performance).

Photo (c);;;
For more Coachella’s fashion and how you can get it go to (sign up for their daily mailing list too!)