Help! What to Wear NYE 2011


Oh help! I don’t know what to wear for New Years Eve this year! Last year I was stuck at home watching Ryan Seacrest on TV with my parents suffering from mono so this year I AM GOING OUT DARNIT! I’m going to a club… which I’ve never been too… but I’ve been promised dancing, so with that in mind I have 4 outfit choices inspired by female celebrities that have had a good year in 2011 (though Kim Kardashian might be debatable..). Please help me pick one… if any of these that I should wear.

Outfit #1: "The Zooey Deschanel"

Outfit #2: The "Kim Kardashian"

Outfit #3: The "Kirsten Dunst"

Outfit #4: "The Anne Hathaway"

Check it… Whichever outfit I end up wearing you’ll be able to spot me out if you see a girl dancing like an idiot! And since I take a sick pleasure in showcasing my spazziness to the world, enjoy all these photos I took while trying to “look cool” while showing off my outfits… this is also how I’ll be dancing at “da club” tomorrow night.. I know, you’re all jealous of my dance moves. :p


Christmas Cookie Time and a Happy Christmas Eve!


Compared to last years 13 different Christmas cookies this years assortment of 7 is a little lackluster… but they are still just as delicious! Yummy Spritz cookies (aka sugar cookies) cut out in ornamental trees and bells; an all-time beloved favorite-the peanut butter bon bon, drenched in chocolate and sprinkles; Holiday Chocolate chip bars each individually decorated with red and green candied cherries; drop brownies- ooey gooey brownie cookies with surprise bites of walnuts, crispy; crunchy bars stuffed with rice krispies, caramel, and brown sugar; and sweet, chewy cherry cookies with a pink frosting. YUM. Once all the cookies were cooled they were wrapped up into individual decorative plates and given to loved ones and coworkers. :) Happy Holiday 5 pound gain!

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! I’ll be spending my Christmas Eve driving around with a cup of hot chocolate and blasting Christmas music while hunting for the most over-the-top decorations in the neighborhood. :)


White Chocolate Waffle Iron Brownies and a White Christmas Party


Wait… you baked brownies in a waffle iron and a Panini press?

Yup. This was the question I got after I went on a brownie rampage inspired by this month’s Rachel Ray Magazine. #1 on the list of “8 Double-Duty Ideas for Underutilized Kitchen Tools” was 1. Make Brownies in a Waffle Iron. And so I did JUST that! I was then so inspired that I proceeded to experiment further and made some in a Panini press. Once I had used up three whole boxes of brownie mix I decided to smother them in white chocolate and Christmas decorations to go that one step over the top (because Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a little bit of tackiness right)? The “waffle” brownies turned out extra crispy and were a great conversation topic while the Panini pressed brownies were soft in the middle and perfect for dipping into the white chocolate.


After baking the afternoon away I brought my unconventional brownies to my friends annual White Christmas party where we all dress up, drink fancy drinks, ate yummy food, and watched the movie “White Christmas” (yes, I know it sounds lame but it was a great time just like last year!)

Baking Tip: Always keep some pretzels in your cabinet so no leftover chocolate goes to waste! mmm yum, chocolate covered pretzels :)

“But it doesn’t feel like December” Tea Dress


 This past weekend I attended an annua Holiday Ladies Tea with my mother and grandmother. Though Christmas themed, the weather has remained mild and sunny (In Boston.. which is unheard of this time of year) so it’s been a struggle to get into the holiday spirit. BUT I was excited to  eat loads of brunch food and hoped the holiday decorations and music would get me in the season. I stuck out like a sore thumb wearing warm purples and golds while everyone around me was wearing red and green or sequins but frankly it doesn’t feel like December so what is a girl to do?! (Plus I love this dress and it’s A-line which means I can eat a lot and still breath :)





Outfit Details

Autumnal Flower A-Line Dress
Brand: Taylor
Where: TJ Maxx, $50

Crushed Velvet Purple Bolero
Brand: Fletcher by Lyell
Where: Saks Off the Fifth, $NA

Lime Green double strap belt
Brand: Hobo International
Where: TJ Maxx, $30

Black and Brown Shoes
Brand: Steve Madden
Where: DSW, $30

Check out my 91(!) year old G-mom... she's pretty amazing :)

Green Earrings
Brand: Target
Where: Target: $12

Amethyst Necklace
Brand: NA
Where: Target, $30

Autumnal Brunch


A few weeks ago, it was another gorgeous fall day in Boston… the perfect day for a brunch with friends. Handmade menus, fall inspired decorations and a cornucopia of brunch favorites! After feasting and gulping down cups of fresh brewed coffee and several champagne bottles worth of mimosas the rest of the day was spent laughing, playing Spoons and other card games and watching horrible YouTube videos. Could a day get any more enjoyable?!

On the menu:
Fresh brewed coffee (with whiskey if you so chose)
Devilled Eggs
Hickory Smoked Bacon
Sausage Rolls
Winter Fruit Salad
Almond Cake
Beet Soup
Smoked Salmon Platter
Mushroom, Asparagus, Gruyere Frittata

And of course, a perfect brunch wouldn’t be complete without friends :)

Post Thanksgiving Bike Ride


The fact that most of November averaged temperatures in the 60’s is unreal. If only the weather in New England could be that constant year round! But as we all know (and personally dread) winter is bound to come sooner or later… This weekend was exceptionally lovely, after gorging on a feast of Thanksgiving delights exercise would usually be a something to dread, but with the sun out, and the weather warm I spent the weekend biking through a bike path near my beloved families house. Spanning only about 5 miles long the Milford bike path is new, and as a result has impeccably paved pathways and is almost entirely flat making it a breeze to bike/walk/explore.

Crisp new England air wraps around your whole body as you glide along the path. With the trees almost bare you notice the things you don’t normally in the summer months; Birds chirping in the trees, squirrels scavenging and playing among the fall remains, ducks and swans taking a break in the lake to search for food before their journey south… it was just a delight (as these things always should be!).

My bike is unintentionally trendy “vintage”. Having bought it in college for $75 at a great bike exchange near Amherst, MA. The back tire leaks regularly (no matter how many tubes/tires I replace it with) but the frame is from the late 70’s in a crisp apple red. While obviously no comparison to my mothers brand new hybrid bike (as she was my riding companion for the weekend) my bike has become an old friend, not the quickest, or the shiniest, but uniquely mine. Sounds of nature :)

What did you do post Thanksgiving?