Inspirations of the Week: Feb. 21-26, 2012

Inspirations of the week Feb 21-28

This week I was drawn to anything luxurious, feminine, and DRAMATIC. I’m loving the dark colors, opulent fabrics and intricate detailing that littered the fall 2012 runways in Paris and Milan. Deep purples and blacks, velvet’s and chiffon’s, feminine patterns… OMG I’m getting excited just thinking about it all! I LOVE my board this week, seriously, I want it all! Special kudos to the Gucci Fall 2012 for stealing the cake for best runway show of the entire season, I mean, that green velvet dress… seriously?!?! SERIOUSLY!!! <3 <3 <3

What I <3 this Week

Oscars 2012 Fashion Review


Let’s be honest, the show itself was a snoozefest. I commend Billy Crystal for hosting at the last minute and he tried… but, the whole show just seems dated, long, and predictable. On the brighter side of things, I really liked the fashion this year! While this whole awards season has experienced an infill of muted colors and boring accessories the Oscar red carpet had surprise bursts of color, sparkle, and detailing! Everyone still played hair and accessories safe but I’m glad color is slowly coming back. Below is my Top 10 Best Dressed including my #1 Jessica Chastain, and my 1 lonely Worst Dressed of the night (I’m sorry Shailene Woodly!) Do you agree with my picks?

#1. Jessica Chastain- Oscars 2012 Best Dressed

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Best Dressed of the night! This stunning Alexander McQueen dress is a true red carpet stunner. Dramatic and bold it stood out among a crowd of mostly muted, solid dresses. Golden embroidery decorates the shimmering black fabric. With simple accessories, hair, and makeup it all works perfectly.

My Future Kitchen Pt. 1

Kitchen Inspirations

Planning for my “real adult” apartment is underway. The first room I’ve been tackling is the kitchen, since stocking up on small items such as plates and accessories doesn’t kill my bank account right now. What is a bit strange is the things I’ve purchased I love but they don’t match my “dream kitchen” aesthetic, so I’ll need to figure out a way to pull in more bright colors somehow. I’ve got a green, purple, teal, thing going on but I love a kitchen with whites and yellows… woops! What to do… what to do…

My Kitchen So Far…


My Dream Kitchen… 

Inspirations of the Week: Feb. 13-20, 2012

Inspirations of the week Feb 13-20

This week is all about tropical colors for some reason! Aquas and teals, bright reds and oranges and pops of yellow. I suppose it’s a sign that I need a vacation right about now huh? I’m also loving the details: bold floral prints, intricate beading and embroidery, and surprise color combinations.

What I <3 this week


Inspirations of the Week: Feb. 6th – 12th, 2012


Spring styles are a little bit bolder, a little bit brighter, and a little more luxurious than winter neutrals. Orange is kind of all over the places right now (did you see Fergie’s dress at the Grammy’s?) and it’s a fresh color that has never been fully appreciated so I’m glad to see it on the runways. Pretty sure these feminine, vintage inspired shapes and springtime florals are going to litter my Pinterest board for the next few weeks. I also strongly desire leather pants… anyone know where I can get affordable ones?!

What I <3 this week

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Why I Bought Myself Flowers on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day… the most dreaded holiday for single people around the world and one of the happiest for those of us lucky enough to be in love. This year I am one of the millions of single people (so if you too are single, just remember, you are absolutely not alone) in the world. I should probably have just stayed home, put on sweatpants, and watched BBC’s Pride and Prejudice with my cat right? Isn’t that the purpose of Valentine’s Day for single folks? To remind us how alone we are? Well not this year Hallmark. I honestly couldn’t have been more excited for Valentine’s Day 2012 because even though I am not in a relationship, I am in love, finally… with  myself. So this Valentine’s Day is full of happiness and appreciation for me, and all that I’ve overcome in the past year.

A year ago today I was in unhealthy relationship (my first “real” relationship, which as a result was far more intense and delusionary than what is healthy and normal),  that started bad and ended worse (life lesson learned: any relationship that starts off bad… is not a good one). I remember being so happy on Valentine’s Day and so miserably sad, how could the two polar opposite feelings be so intense at the same time? This day last year kicked off a chain reaction of events: the end of a relationship I thought I couldn’t live without even though it was not-so-slowly destroying me, 25 years of suppressed personal issues bubbling up to the surface, emotional and physical self-inflicted destruction and self-hate, a complete mental breakdown (woo!), weeks of missing work, illness after illness… until eventually, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself except I knew I didn’t want to live the rest of my life in my current state. So I did what my mother taught me to do…buck up, turn off the Adele, and deal with what my life had been the last quarter of a decade.

Through months of finally getting some help, amazing amounts of support and love from friends and family, and the acknowledgement that I don’t want to accept feeling like sh*t all the time I came out of it all. Addressing lifelong issues that had been harboring inside me for years and years. The breakup was a catalyst for sure, but my pain was pouring through my veins long before. The road was painful, embarrassing, humbling, and empowering. And now I stand taller, stronger, happier, healthier, saner… and know that I am my best ally, best friend, and until the day I die, I’m the one who will be there til the end.

So this Valentine’s Day, I bought myself flowers, because I feel great, and you know what? I think I am pretty great. Sure, still flawed, still sad sometimes, still a bit of a b*tch, but nobody’s perfect :) I love myself, and will continue to never settle for anyone who I can’t love, and in the future, I now know my worth, and will never ever settle again for someone who doesn’t equally love and respect me in return (life lesson #2). So until that time comes, I’m doing pretty darn good and if you’re in the mood to pity the “loners” take it elsewhere.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


p.s. Today is also an anniversary of sorts.  4 years ago to the day I made a decision that completely changed my life for the better, and before I had ever thought of dealing with all the other bologna in my life, I mark this day in 2008 as the first puzzle piece I connected to making myself whole again… but that’s for another blog post ;)

p.p.s. On my way to work today, wearing my super cute bright red pants, I wiped out on the street ripping open my knee, almost got run over by a cab and then bled through my brand new pants on my way to work… I suppose some things will never change!



A Heart Full of Cupcakes <3

Searching for a good cupcake idea for my friends birthday/pre-valentines day festivities I fell in love with these Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Multicolored Frosting from Martha so much that I ran home with a mission to recreate them… as easily and quickly as possible. :) Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting = YUM


Inspirations of the Week: Jan. 29-Feb. 5, 2012


Muted, pale colors and vintage inspired pieces caught my eye this week. Lauren Bacall is the essence of cool and the 1920′s necklaces excite any outfit. As we move into February dainty shoes, simple accessories and lots of lace kick off this flirty month.

What I <3 this week

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