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Oscars 2012 Fashion Review


Let’s be honest, the show itself was a snoozefest. I commend Billy Crystal for hosting at the last minute and he tried… but, the whole show just seems dated, long, and predictable. On the brighter side of things, I really liked the fashion this year! While this whole awards season has experienced an infill of muted colors and boring accessories the Oscar red carpet had surprise bursts of color, sparkle, and detailing! Everyone still played hair and accessories safe but I’m glad color is slowly coming back. Below is my Top 10 Best Dressed including my #1 Jessica Chastain, and my 1 lonely Worst Dressed of the night (I’m sorry Shailene Woodly!) Do you agree with my picks?

#1. Jessica Chastain- Oscars 2012 Best Dressed

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Best Dressed of the night! This stunning Alexander McQueen dress is a true red carpet stunner. Dramatic and bold it stood out among a crowd of mostly muted, solid dresses. Golden embroidery decorates the shimmering black fabric. With simple accessories, hair, and makeup it all works perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Oscars 2012 Fashion Review

  1. I know you have a girl crush of Angelina, BUT I think she looks anorexic and sick!!! I think she looks way too skinny!! If that is what is getting praise for looking great on the red carpet it’s no wonder girls struggle with their weight (me included)!!! Sorry that’s my rant for today!

    1. Haha nooo she can do no wrong in my eyes I’m sorry! But if you want to talk about anorexic, Rose Byrne made me cringe last night… she is beyond skeletal, plus she doesn’t know how to smile which makes her looks even more miserable and unhealthy. I will say though, the red carpet has fewer skeletal celebs than 10 years ago… so at least that’s a small step in the right direction?

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