Homemade Granola Bar Battle


I have been wanting to bake homemade granola bars for some time now. They are easy to carry, everyone likes them, and full of good things like fruit and nuts (and butter… sugar… corn syrup… and chocolate). This week I decided to bake two different recipes and bring them in to my office to battle it out over which one reigns supreme. Recipe #1 comes from a great food blog www.smittenkitchen.com, while recipe #1 comes from food network star Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa fame.

The results were almost split evenly with granola bar #1 ultimately being the majority favorite (though personally I prefered #2). Here’s the breakdown:

Bar #2: Barefoot Contessa Homemade Granola Bar

Bar #1: Smitten Kitchen Thick, Chewy Granola Bar

Springtime in Back Bay!

Oh my goodness it has been lovely outside all week in Boston, with today as the icing on the cake. 82 degrees outside, bright blue skies and a light breeze, could it get any better? Walking along Back Bay’s Commonwealth Ave the magnolia trees are almost in full bloom lining the street with Crocuses, daffodils, and hydrangeas filling the air with smells of spring. <3

My “Grown Up” Bathroom Redesign


So I bought my new bathroom decorations for my grown up apartment! It’s very “English countryside?” I’m a flower freak and purple lover so it’s borderline overly girly but zen enough for relaxing and bubble bath time :)

Shower Curtain: $32, Bed, Bath and Beyond

Door hanger: $12, HomeGoods

Flower pictures: $40, HomeGoods

Blue Towels: $4 each, KMart; Purple & Blue: $7 each, HomeGoods; Green & Beige Washcloth: $4 each

Flower shower curtain hooks: $6, KMart

White foam bath mat: $12, HomeGoods

The debate is still out on if I'll tile the floor but if so: $0.79 per tile, Lowe's


Inspirations of the week: March 5-12, 2012

Inspirations of the week Mar5 -12-2012

 Springtime primaries. Blue, yellow, and red blend and fuse together to create this weeks board. Contrasting between the richly saturated hues of Ellie Saab’s metallic forest green gown and Valentino’s bright red cocktail dress and soft but sunny shades of seafoam green and yellow are the perfect looks for moody spring weather. One day it’s sunny and 70 degrees (like today!) and the next, it’s rainy and 40. Vintage cuts of the 40′s and 50′s are also in my “must have right now” pile.

What I <3 this week


Coral and Spearmint Nails


Last week I “pinned” a photo from my good friend Rae of the most fantastic spring nails. Bright orange and cool spearmint green alternating in reverse triangle sections. The original post from http://pshiiit.com is called “The Triangle on the Nail” (or at least that’s what my google translator says since the original blog is french). Anyways, I loved it and this week went shopping in search of my own tropical/springtime colors! I don’t have the steadiest of hands so I just divided my nail into two parts diagonally across and painted each section in one easy stroke. And since my attention span at work has diminishing at a rapid pace, I couldn’t help but continuously stare at my happy nails all day while day dreaming about going on vacation someplace warm!

Inspiration nail on the left. My attempt on the right. How'd I do?

Inspirations of the Week: Feb. 27- Mar. 4, 2012

Inspirations of the week Feb 27-Mar 4

Hooray! Can you believe that it’s March already?! I love this month (usually) in Boston. It’s that time of year when the most dramatic weather change occurs. The beginning always starts off with one last push of winter (as we witnessed last Friday) and then the days get longer and the warmer airs blows in to welcome spring! This week is all about dreamy and spring-y style. Surreal backdrops, whimsy, and dreamlike colors blend to make the perfect spring dream wardrobe. A little nostalgic, a little mysterious, welcoming bursts of early spring colors and winter layers peeling away :)

Welcoming March: What I <3 this week