My Black Friday Splurge


I have mixed feelings about Black Friday. The shopaholic in me gets giddy with excitement thinking about all the deals and bargains stores promise to lure you in. The logical side of me thinks, “why would I wait in lines full of crazy people just to get something I don’t really need and am only considering getting because it’s cheaper than normal“. So I usually skip the mayhem of the day and convince myself I should just go to work for the day (since my office doesn’t give us the day off, boo) and ignore the urge to splurge.

The problem with this year is, I’ve got the itch to buy things! It’s not good, I don’t exactly have money to spend but I mean, I deserve to indulge myself every now and then right? RIGHT?! I mean, don’t we all??? So, while I’m sitting at my desk trying to work, my gmail account is spewing out Black Friday sale emails for online deals like rapid fire. And behold, Madewell has 25% off everything today! AND free shipping! and the thing is… they have these boots I’ve wanted for the past 2 months… 25% off! So… yea, I splurged. They are still overpriced but gosh are they beautiful. And totally practical too… I mean, a pull on, low healed, black boot. Everyone should have a pair of those in their closet right?  :)

The Chelsea Boot,

Consignment Store Find: Oct. 23rd Edition


My good friend is moving to NYC and was in need of a work wardrobe update (which I was more than happy to help her with)! We went to Second Time Around, one of the best mid-range consignment stores in the city and which I do not visit often enough since my wallet wouldn’t be able to handle it. I fell in love with this navy blue/gold chain wrap bracelet for $34.

Seriously, it’s meow meow meow, purr purr purr-fect. I went all Rachel Zoe when I saw it– gaping mouth, eyes bulging, DIE!

Lisa Frank Revival!

Lisa Frank

If you were a child of the late 80′s and 90′s like me, (and owned articles of clothing that resembled those below :/), your gonna go BANANAS when I tell you that Lisa Frank is making a comeback!

Yes, that’s right kids, it’s time to knock the dust off your rainbow trapper keepers and pencil cases and start filling them with a whole new line of Lisa Frank products you can bring to the work place (since unfortunately we aren’t in 3rd grade anymore).

So hop on over the the Hipster Mecca: Urban Outfitters and save up your paycheck because this Lisa Frank stuff is priced just like everything else in that store and you’re gonna need to save up your allowance if you want to get the Vintage Stars Sticker Set AND the Colorful Creations Poster Book to decorate your office cubicle with.

As for me, I’ll be bringing the Vintage Spiral Notebooks to meetings from now on <3













SIDE NOTE: In a weird “psychic” moment, Last week I was cleaning out an old drawer filled with things from a previous employer and I discovered 2 ORIGINAL Lisa Frank Stickers which have been living on my cell phone case since last week… I am so ahead of the trend :)


DIY Rain Boot Deconstruction


So this is the 3rd rainy Wednesday in a row! I know this because every week I am promised a ride on a motorcycle by my volleyball teammate and every week it hasn’t happened because of the weather. The Weather Gods  just don’t want me to release my inner bad-ass biker chic this year. So anyways, this weather means rain coats, umbrellas, and rain boots, oh those rain boots…

I always wanted a pair of knee high Wellies for rainy days,  so a few years ago I saved up my pennies and nickels and bought myself a pair of black Hunter brand boots. I was so excited, they were tall, and sleek, and weather proof…But… then I actually went walking in them… and realized my short legs and muscular calves meant I couldn’t physically bend my legs properly… and I just looked bow-legged and stumbly (not a good look). Soo the boots sat in my closet the past two years while all my flats got ruined and stretched out in the rain.

This year, I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I think it’s safe to say I’m not getting any taller and lets face it, I’ve been the same size since high school so my legs aren’t getting any smaller any time soon. So in a moment of madness and boredom I took the plunge and started chopping apart the formerly useless things to make them wearable again for my daily commute.  :) Now they are perfect! Spacious for my unusually large calves and ankle high so I can slide them off and on without making a weird suction/farting noise like before. DIY SUCCESS!


Inspirations of the week pt. 2: Sunny turned stormy Tuesday


With all this rain, bursts of perfect sunshine have been popping through the clouds sporadically week. For example, today started off warm and sunny and ended in a stormy mess. This week, I was inspired by dark colors and strong structure (see yesterdays post) as well as fresh bursts of bright springtime colors. Below are my fashion inspirations this week that consist of pastels, and more pastels, and flirty fabrics perfect for a sunny spring/summer day! (which the weather channel PROMISES me will arrive by Thursday)…

inspirations from:,,

Inspirations of the week pt. 1: Rainy day Mondays


This past week was full of rainy days and gorgeous days. As a result my fashion was just as unclear as the weather. Deeply saturated cool tones in blues and pinks are perfect for the rainy but warm spring days and a pop of yellow against a grey sky brightens up any day.

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Met Ball 2012 (ORANGE MANIA) Fashion Review


The Met Ball this week is one of the biggest celebrations in fashion all year. for $25,000 per ticket celebrities and the uber-rich come out dressed to the nines in haute couture ensembles by the worlds leading designers. This year, the clear trend  was ORANGE. Usually this underutilized color would be an exciting fresh addition to the red carpet, but unfortunately instead of enjoying the burst of color I just ended up thirsty for a cup of orange juice. BUT it’s still a color that isn’t normally seen and it’s perfect for summer so let’s take a look at all the juicy shades of the evening…

Left: Emma Roberts in Escada. Right: Carey Mulligan in Prada

Left: Kathrine McPhee in Elie Saab. Right: Kristen Bell in Tommy Hilfiger

Left: Kristen Wig in Stella McCartney. Right: Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte.

Left: Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhullier. Right: Eva Mendes in Prada.

As for my best dressed list, there were some truly gorgeous dresses that deserve special notice.

Met Ball 2012 Best Dressed!

#1: Nina Dobrev in Donna Karen Atelier- STUNNING! She looks like a modern day goddess in this organic gold and black one-shouldered body skimming dress with a dramatic train melting onto the red carpet.

#1: Nina Dobrev in Donna Karen Atelier

#2: Camila Belle in Ralph Lauren Collection- I honestly still have no idea what this girl has acted in or what else she does for a living or how she was able to attend in the first place which really bugs me, BUT her dress is really incredible. Full on 1930′s inspired glamour. Vintage hair, dark lips, and a silvery sheer dress in an art deco pattern cut perfectly for her figure. I LOVE!

#2: Camila Belle in Ralph Lauren Collection

#3: Rihanna in Tom Ford- Black is always a popular color choice and this year’s red carpet was no exception. However Rihanna’s outfit was the best black dress of the night in my opinion. Her figure is so perfect and this dress shows it off while still being sophisticated (which she’s been lacking lately). The material looks like it’s lizard adding just enough attitude along with the peek of skin on the back.

#3: Rihanna in Tom Ford

#4: Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada- While everyone else wore full length gowns this little pink dress really stood out. Simple silk fabric and geometric cutouts places all the attention on how gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow really is. It does everything to compliment her looks and nothing to detract from them.

#4: Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada

#5: Candice Sanepoel in Rag & Bone- Well she’s a model so duh she’s gonna look good in anything but I really liked the look of this dress. Sort of bad ass rebel meets runway sheek. The bright royal blue is a great color and the back cut outs and high slits add extra envy from us normal girls.

#5: Candice Sanepoel in Rag & Bone

#6: Renee Zellweger in Emilio Pucci- I’m usually not a fan of her fashion choices, especially since her bones sticking out everywhere grosses me out. However, I really liked this dress, the shape and detailing in the fabric along with the long sleeves made it stand out while covering up her skeletal figure so I don’t get sick to my stomach. The sheer fabric works well with her slim frame, not overpowering her like I think her former fashion choices have.

#6: Renee Zellweger in Emilio Pucci

#7: Leslie Mann in Nina Ricci- She’s such a little lady that she can get stuck in the same perdicament as Ms. Zellweger but this gown makes her look so ethereal! The light pink shade compliments her fair skin and blond hair while fluffy layers of sheer fabric don’t weigh her down and actually add shape to her figure. So pretty!

#7: Leslie Mann in Nina Ricci

#8: Beyonce in Givenchy- A bold choice (as often Beyonce does) but she always pulls it off. I mean, she just had a baby a few months ago and she’s wearing a sheer body hugging dress! Strategically embroidered lace and sleeves keep things PG and add full on glam and I love the burst of purple (and feathers) on the train!

#8: Beyonce in Givenchy

Inspirations of the week: April 24- May 6th


Welcoming the start of May and the transition from spring to summer. Soft, frosty pastels lingering from spring mixed with pops of warm summer nudes and reds. <3

What I <3 Now

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Dear Internet, Thank you for being AWESOME this week.

Sexy Cat Sweatshirt... ME-OW

During a boring or stressful week at work (this being a combination of both) there is nothing I need and appreciate more than LOL’ing at my desk like a lunatic while my co-workers confusingly glare at me. I want to thank the internet for continuing to be full of random things that put a smile on my face on a daily basis and keep me from (1) jumping out a window and (2) throwing my stapler at someone’s face.

Sexy Cat Sweatshirt... ME-OW

In the past I have admitted to crushing on Christopher Walken <3

Pomeranian and Siberian Husky Crossbreed (SO F'ING CUTE AHH)

I know it, now you know it. :)

Fashion Inspirations: April 16-23rd 2012

Inspirations of the week Apr 16-23

This week of inspirations stems from the Coachella Festival which just finished up its second weekend and kicked off the start of summertime festivals. Muted desert shades of gold, green palm trees, blue skies, and pink sunsets.

What I <3 This Week

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