Ghouls, Ghosts, and Pumpkins


Halloween on Beacon Hill was a ghoulishly wicked time. All the homeowners decorated their houses to the nines while parents, teenagers, children, babies, and dogs dressed up in costumes ranging from the beyond adorable to the sinister and scary. Jack Skeleton would have felt right at home.

Even Zola felt festive… briefly, until she started literally eating her costume in an attempt to remove it… whatta bitch ;)

Pre-Sandy Sunday


This cloudy Sunday afternoon on the verge of Hurricane Sandy is the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book and a perfect cup of tea.  Today it’s especially enjoyable since I am still recovering from a weekend of Halloween festivities. Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and happy tea time!


Lisa Frank Revival!

Lisa Frank

If you were a child of the late 80′s and 90′s like me, (and owned articles of clothing that resembled those below :/), your gonna go BANANAS when I tell you that Lisa Frank is making a comeback!

Yes, that’s right kids, it’s time to knock the dust off your rainbow trapper keepers and pencil cases and start filling them with a whole new line of Lisa Frank products you can bring to the work place (since unfortunately we aren’t in 3rd grade anymore).

So hop on over the the Hipster Mecca: Urban Outfitters and save up your paycheck because this Lisa Frank stuff is priced just like everything else in that store and you’re gonna need to save up your allowance if you want to get the Vintage Stars Sticker Set AND the Colorful Creations Poster Book to decorate your office cubicle with.

As for me, I’ll be bringing the Vintage Spiral Notebooks to meetings from now on <3













SIDE NOTE: In a weird “psychic” moment, Last week I was cleaning out an old drawer filled with things from a previous employer and I discovered 2 ORIGINAL Lisa Frank Stickers which have been living on my cell phone case since last week… I am so ahead of the trend :)


Proof that Cats are Better than Dogs


I will say one of the perks of now living in Beacon Hill is the abundance of adorable dogs I now see on a daily basis. I could do without their owners in their pearls, Northface jackets, and pastel popped collars, but the puppies bring a smile to my face every morning and night! Especially walking through the Boston Common where the daily puppy playdates occur.

Oh look at all the puppies!
and puppies smelling other puppies butts!
and puppies rolling around in the dirt!
and puppies eating each other!
Puppy owners frantically trying to scoop up warm piles of poo!
So cute, from afar :)

Territorial puppies!

Butt Buddies!

Cannibal puppies!


But let’s not forget where our loyalties lie on this blog…

My little Zola <3


And as if this wasn’t common knowledge, for all you dog lovers out there…

Hello Fall and Hello Again Friends!


Sooo, it’s only been 4 months since I’ve posted (woops), but it was summertime in New England which meant I only had 3 months to take in the warm weather and sunshine! Staying indoors blogging was not high on my list of priorities when I could be at the beach instead. But alas, the weather is cooling, the leaves are turning, and snuggling indoors with a cup of tea and my cat on the recent chilly nights got me back in the mood to blog.

While walking home yesterday on the first day of October my senses went into fall overload and I got all sorts of giddy inside. The crisp breeze tickled my face, the first scent of firewood burning was in the air, and reds and yellows were sneakily peaking out of the trees. :)

To continue my evening of welcoming fall back to Boston the only thing I had left in my fridge was an acorn squash slightly past its prime in need of immediate consumption. So I drizzled the squash with butter, maple syrup, and brown sugar and filled my house with delicious smells! Then I forced my not so pleased cat into wearing the amazing pumpkin costume I bought her in honor of the month (because she’s MY little pumpkin). :P

Happy fall, and happy day! 


Dear Internet, Thank you for being AWESOME this week.

Sexy Cat Sweatshirt... ME-OW

During a boring or stressful week at work (this being a combination of both) there is nothing I need and appreciate more than LOL’ing at my desk like a lunatic while my co-workers confusingly glare at me. I want to thank the internet for continuing to be full of random things that put a smile on my face on a daily basis and keep me from (1) jumping out a window and (2) throwing my stapler at someone’s face.

Sexy Cat Sweatshirt... ME-OW

In the past I have admitted to crushing on Christopher Walken <3

Pomeranian and Siberian Husky Crossbreed (SO F'ING CUTE AHH)

I know it, now you know it. :)

Springtime in Back Bay!

Oh my goodness it has been lovely outside all week in Boston, with today as the icing on the cake. 82 degrees outside, bright blue skies and a light breeze, could it get any better? Walking along Back Bay’s Commonwealth Ave the magnolia trees are almost in full bloom lining the street with Crocuses, daffodils, and hydrangeas filling the air with smells of spring. <3

My “Grown Up” Bathroom Redesign


So I bought my new bathroom decorations for my grown up apartment! It’s very “English countryside?” I’m a flower freak and purple lover so it’s borderline overly girly but zen enough for relaxing and bubble bath time :)

Shower Curtain: $32, Bed, Bath and Beyond

Door hanger: $12, HomeGoods

Flower pictures: $40, HomeGoods

Blue Towels: $4 each, KMart; Purple & Blue: $7 each, HomeGoods; Green & Beige Washcloth: $4 each

Flower shower curtain hooks: $6, KMart

White foam bath mat: $12, HomeGoods

The debate is still out on if I'll tile the floor but if so: $0.79 per tile, Lowe's